Lift Off Workshop

This interactive workshop helps Product Owners define appropriately detailed user stories for a team to start sprinting


The Product Backlog lists all the features, requirements, enhancements, and fixes that need to be made by the team. It is never complete. It can be challenging to start a new Product Backlog or know where to begin for a new, significant initiative. 

This workshop helps teams and Product Owners identify the high-level scope for an initiative, split requirements into something small enough to be delivered within a sprint while focusing on customer value. 

Workshop Outcomes

An initial product backlog, with appropriately detailed user stories/ product backlog items, together with high level acceptance criteria.  

Uncover the answers to the following questions: 

  • For whom are we building this requirement? 
  • Why do they need this requirement? What job do they need to do? 
  • How will they use this requirement? 
  • What business rules, controls, or constraints do we need to consider? 
  • How will we accommodate non-functional requirements? 
  • What is a possible MVP (Minimal Viable Product)? 
  • How will we validate that we built the requirement correctly?

When should it be run?

When a new team forms.

When a team starts working on a significant initiative.

Who Should Attend?

Product Owners, Product Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Delivery Team members


1 Day

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