Team Design Workshop

This interactive workshop helps organisations determine the optimal team structure for value delivery


Taking a systems view of your organisation is essential when deciding how to structure your teams for new ways of working. In this workshop, we model activities from the initial customer order to the delivery of the service or product, across organisational boundaries. 

An end to end view of the flow of value for a customer helps us to determine the ideal delivery team structure for your organisation.  

Workshop Outcomes

Agreed structure of each team into cross-functional, self-organising units able to deliver value to customers in the shortest sustainable lead-time. 

Uncover the answers to the following questions: 

  • What are the operational activities and steps taken to deliver value to the customer? 
  • What are the systems and processes that support the operational activities and steps? 
  • Who is involved in developing and supporting the systems? 
  • What is the ideal delivery team structure? 
  • Who should be in the pilot team(s) 

When should it be run?

When you need to create new teams to deliver initiatives.

Who Should Attend?

Business area owners, process owners, subject matter experts, Operational Leaders, Human Resource Managers


1 day (depending on size of organisation)

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