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This interactive workshop helps HR become an internal contributor of high strategic value


Gone are the days where HR was an internal support role focused on implementing controls. It is now commonly accepted that HR is a significant contributor towards an organisations overall level of agility!

In this two day workshop, we explore how to move towards an Agile way of working in Recruitment, Rewards, Learning & Development, Goal Setting, Performance Management, and Employee Engagement. 

Workshop Outcomes

A detailed understanding of how to adopt an Agile way of working within HR.

Uncover the answers to the following questions:

  • Agile Recruitment: How do we attract, hire, and retain the right people for an Agile environment?
  • Agile Rewards: Can we decouple financial rewards from an individual's performance? 
  • Learning and Development: How do we keep employee skills relevant in the changing environment? How do we become a learning organisation? 
  • Performance Management: How do we move from individual KPIs to team and organisational level OKRs? What are the benefits of teams performance appraisals (Continuous 360-degree feedback: Conversation, Feedback, Recognition)
  • Employee Engagement: What are the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators for our employees? 
  • Agile People Management: How do we grow people with an Agile mindset? 

When should it be run?


Who Should Attend?

Anyone in HR in a company transforming to an Agile way of working, including consultants from people development, recruitment, performance management, compensation, and employee engagement. 


2 Days

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