Big Room 
Planning Workshop

This cadence-based event aligns and coordinates 
all your Agile teams working on a single Program


Companies conduct Big Room Planning to plan the work for a program, by synchronising work and dependencies between all the teams involved. 

The planning can be done on an iteration by iteration cadence (as in Nexus, LeSS, Scrum of Scrums, etc.), once every 4-6 iterations
(as in Scaled Agile Framework/ SAFe), or once a quarter. 

Workshop Outcomes

A master plan of well coordinated activities of all the Agile Teams in a program.

Uncover the answers to the following questions:

  • What is our Vision for the planning horizon? 
  • How far have we come so far? 
  • What are the architectural guidelines all the teams need to follow? 
  • What is potentially in-scope for the planning horizon? What is out of scope?  
  • Which stories, features, and epics will be delivered? By which teams? 
  • What are the dependencies between the teams? 
  • What is the capacity of each team? 
  • What risks do we need to consider across the Program? 
  • How much confidence do we have in our master plan? 
  • How can we improve the planning process for the next Big Room Planning?

When should it be run?

At the start of each new planning cycle

Who Should Attend?

All the roles working within a Program 


4 hours to 2 full days (depending on frequency)

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