Agile Coaching and Consulting

Every company faces unique challenges. Our approach to Agile coaching and consulting is moulded around your company’s culture and context to get you where you need to be, no matter where you are starting from.

Not sure where to start? Our Agile Assessment can help you identify the next step on your Agile journey.

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Agile Coaching and Consulting Framework
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1. Validate the need for change

We aid Executives in understanding why change is needed and create alignment across all areas of the organisation.

  • Strategic Change workshops: This workshop helps align Executives on an implementation plan for the Agile Transformation.
  • Executive Agile Coaching

2. Identify Structure

We help structure teams into cross-functional , self-organising units that can deliver value to customers in the shortest sustainable lead time.

  • Organisational Team Design workshops
  • Team self-selection workshops
  • Establish Success Metrics
  • Leadership Agile Coaching
  • Value Stream Management

3. Train everyone involved

We equip people with the right knowledge at the right time so they can apply their new skills daily

Take a look at our Agile training and certification

4. Lift off teams

We create the environment for an intentional high-performance team culture.

  • Team Lift off workshops
  • Project Kick Offs
  • Agile Team Maturity Assessments (for existing teams)

5. Create the backlog

We guide on creating and managing a prioritized backlog from high-level, portfolio epics to granular, team-level requirements.

  • Product Lift Off workshops
  • Creation of Portfolio and Program Kanban Boards
  • Product Owner Coaching

6. Facilitate iterations

We facilitate iterations events, enabling maximum collaboration, learning, and delivery within the team.

  • Scrum Master recruitment
  • Scrum Master contracting
  • JIRA Consulting
  • Delivery Team Coaching

7. Mentor Agile champions

We grow Agile Champions through hands-on mentoring and development

  • Scrum Master Mentoring
  • Product Owner Mentoring
  • Agile Business Analyst Mentoring
  • Agile Test Analyst Mentoring

8. Coach for sustainable change

We guide and empower Agile Champions and delivery teams to reach their potential self-reliance in order to achieve sustainable Agile delivery.

  • Scrum Master Coaching
  • Product Owner Coaching
  • Delivery Team Coaching
  • Distributed Team Coaching

9. Scale to more teams

We facilitate the wider adoption of Agile values and principles across multiple teams and departments.

10. Expand to the organisation

We extend the Agile focus to the entire organisation

  • Business Agility Coaching
  • Operational Agility Coaching: Marketing, HR, Operations, Sales, etc.
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Let us use our decades of combined Agile experience to get you and your teams to the next level with personalised, attention focussed, non-judgemental Agile coaching and consulting.

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